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What is Kickstarter?  It's a  way for artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, writers, illustrators, explorers, curators, performers, and others to bring their projects to life.  Kickstarter is focused on creative projects.  You may have heard about it on CNN or NPR or read about it in Wired magazine or The New York Times. is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded before its time expires or no money changes hands.  Why?

1. It's less risk for everyone. it protects everyone involved.

2. It allows people to test concepts without risk. If you don't receive the support you need you don't need to mount a project with insufficient funds.

3. It motivates. If people want to see a project come to life, they're going to spread the word.

How do I pledge?

To pledge to OUR PROJECTS , just click the green “Back This Project” button on the project page. You will be asked to input your pledge amount and select a reward. From there, you will go through the Amazon checkout process. *Note that you must finish the Amazon checkout process for your pledge to be recorded.

If I make a pledge, when is my card charged? If a project is successfully funded, your card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline. If the project does not reach its funding goal, your card is never charged. That's why we call them pledges. If funding fails, all pledges are canceled and that's that.

Is my pledge amount publicly displayed? No. Only you and the project creator will be able to see your pledge amount. 

Do I get notified if a project succeeds? Kickstarter will send you an email when funding ends, no matter the outcome.

Do I have to pledge with Amazon? Why can’t I use Paypal? Why can't Kickstarter just take my credit card info? Kickstarter uses Amazon's Flexible Payments Service, which enables the all-or-nothing funding method. No other credit card processor currently supports these requirements.

Can I pay with a check? Send cash by mail? Sorry, Kickstarter only supports credit card payments through Amazon.

Can I pledge to a project if I'm not in the US? Yes!

It was a great ride at our facility at The Main Street Theatre.
Along the way Arts Equity created 467 performances at our
Main Street stage, and 23 more (for a total of 500 shows) before closing.

Contributions and snailmail can be sent to:

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Vancouver, WA 98668-1735

Or, contribute online now:

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