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This one man tour-de-force... had them rolling in the aisles. Winner of the Heidemann Award.   Click here for more...



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Shepard's brilliant provocative farce... examines "aggressive patriotism"   Click here for more...



Winner of the 1963 Tony Award for Best Play!  
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A compelling account of a young woman's decline and subsequent salvation...  
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Spring 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the theatre, another masterpiece by Tom Cone, the author who wrote HERRINGBONE.  
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A haunting musical event, with music and lyrics by Susan Vaslev, book and direction by Llewellyn J. Rhoe. In the world of Catholic dogma, as well as Luther's superstitious mind, there is much indeed, that is neither visible nor in any way apparent, except when Martin hallucinates himself inside the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch.


Currently seeking a composer

Our country thought he was a spy.

He was New York's most eligible celebate
bachelor. Among his good friends were
Mark Twain, Stanford White and Westinghouse.
J. Pierpont Morgan financed him.
Morgan's daughter pursued him.
The FBI kept a file on him

The true story of the genius

who invented radio two
decades before Marconi because
he knows Mars is
signaling to Earth, then sells Morgan
the idea of a world radio network monopoly to
finance further research.


Cover Shot

JUNE 17 - JULY 17, 2005

Portland artist/playwright and national public art consultant Tad Savinar delighted audiences with his take on art, architecture and urban gentrification. He wrote it just before Portland's "Pearl District" exploded into an economic engine. If it can happen in "The Pearl" maybe it can happen here!


Road Rage

AUGUST 17 - OCTOBER 9, 2005

A satirical musical comedy, conceived by Llewellyn J. Rhoe with music by Mark Steering. Road Rage asked, "are you fed up with multi-tasking freeway fanatics, their foot stuck to the floorboards, their heads hard-wired to their cell phones, squeezing you off the road while driving on your rear end?" Audiences came to vent with us, and the rage released did everyone some good!

Shoehorn --
Performance Artist

OCTOBER 28 - December 31, 2005

Dancer and saxophonist Shoehorn is an internationally
recognized artist who has delighted audiences the
world over. Mixing tap dance with fluent jazz
saxophone riffs, he created a lively and
engaging one-man performance.


The Ice Fishing Play
JANUARY 20 - FEBRUARY 26, 2006

A dark comedy by Kevin Kling. If you cross
the Cohen Brothers' "Fargo", David Lynches'
"Twin Peaks" and a little Lake Wobegon you will
come away knowing that this is no fishing play!
But it is about the big one that got away.

(World Premiere)
MARCH 23 - APRIL 30, 2006

A madcap farce by Connor Kerns, Northwest playwright and Vancouver Native Son. Zaney is an absurd romp through the backstage antics of a professional theatre company. Played with such a heightened sexual tension that the performances are palpable, real and downright breathtaking. Zaney is a veritable tinderbox of lust, need and guilt that threatens to explode from the first scene to the last. It has everything in proper balance: lust, need, melodrama, wit, passion and humor.

July 20 to Sept. 1, 2006

A musical tale of spirit possession.

Featuring Taylor Askman as Herringbone

Book by Tom Cone
Music by Skip Kennon
Lyrics by Ellen Fitzhugh

Produced through special arrangements with the authors.

Sept. 21 to Oct. 29, 2006

by Harold Pinter

One of the great black comedies of the 20th century
by Nobel Prize-winner Harold Pinter. First produced
in 1958, Pinter's study of menace and mystery has
magnificently stood the test of time. "Facinating
capacity to be menacing, ominous and evocative of
some dark and threatening doom."
New York Post

Produced through special arrangement
with Samuel French, Inc.

Jan. 19 to Feb. 25, 2007

by Paula Vogel

A gripping new play written by the Pulitzer Prize-winning
author of "How I Learned To Drive". Screamingly funny,
at the same time painful and poignant, "Hot 'N' Throbbing" boldly asks the question: Which is more obscene, pornography or domestic violence?" "Hot 'N' Throbbing is a stupendous button-pusher about how we are all complicit in today's mingling of sex, violence and
The Washington Times

Produced through special arrangements
with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
March 23 to April 22, 2007

by Eugene O'Neill

Nobel Prize-winner Eugene O'Neill aboard the
British tramp steamer S.S. Glencairn. The lives of
the crew are lived out in fear, loneliness, suspicion
and cameraderie. The men smuggle drink and women
aboard, fight with each other, spy on each other,
comfort each other as death approaches, and
rescue each other from daner. Out of four short
plays of the sea by Eugene O'Neill, under the title,
"The Long Voyage Home," evolves a penetrating
glimpse into the never-ending story of man's
wanderings over the waters of the world
in search of peace for his soul.

June 1 to August 11, 2007

by Steve Martin

Academy Award-winning comedian/writer Steve Martin
ties Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso together around
the theme of curvature of line, space/time
and emotion.
"A major treat."
Newsday. And. . . "the introduction of
the final, exquisitely selected visitor from the future
is a master stroke."
New York Post

We may like to think of society as progressing in a
linear fashion, but Martin thinks it's the Picassos and
Einsteins of history who create radical shifts in
perception and pull society out of it's straight, narrow
course with art and science. Winner of the Outer
Critics Circle Award for Best Off Broadway Play.

Produced through special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.
Sept. 7 to Oct. 13, 2007

On deserted stretch of beach a middle-aged couple, relaxing after a picnic lunch. . . she sketches, he naps, and then, suddenly they are joined by two sea creatures -- lizards who have decided to leave the ocean depths and come ashore. The lizards, who are at a very advanced stage of evolution are comtemplating the terrifying, yet exciting, possibility of embarking on life out of the water.

Produced through special arrangement with
Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Nov. 8 to Dec. 16, 2007


A musical by Willy Russel who wrote "Shirley Valentine" and "Educating Rita". . . A Liverpudian West Side Story: twin brothers are separated at birth because their mother cannot afford to keep them both. She gives one of them away and they grow up as friends in ignorance of their fraternity until the inevitable quarrel unleashes a bloodbath.

Produced through special arrangement with
Samuel French, Inc.

January 11 to February 16, 2008


Eugene Ionesco has written a parable on the death of power, and what that death entails and motivates. Executed in a style that is essentially unlike his "absurd" plays, it develops a mounting and fascinating strength, as a religious celebration of the eventuality and omnipotence of death.

Produced through special arrangement with
Samuel French, Inc.

March 7 to April 5, 2008


The Inspector-General is a national institution. To place a purely literary valuation upon it and call it the greatest of Russian comedies would not convey the significance of its position either in Russian literature or in Russian life itself. There is no other single work in the modern literature of any language that carries with it the wealth of associations which the Inspector-General does to the educated Russian.